Meet My Boys

Lil Z, Manimal and The Hubs

Lil Z, Manimal and The Hubs

Z smile firemanLil Z, born in 2008, is the main man behind this site. As a baby, he had uncontrollable acid reflux that we later realized was made worse by his multiple protein intolerance. He is intolerant to milk, soy, eggs, gluten, food coloring and peanuts.

Currently, Lil Z is 100% gluten and peanut free. He tolerates milk, soy, eggs and food colorings in small doses.

He is a smart, mischievous little boy who wants to be a Power Ranger when he grows up. In his spare time you can find him pretending to be all sorts of things, and bossing his little brother around. His personal motto is: “Never break the rules!” (he’s a typical firstborn, that one!).

C climbing park stairsManimal was born in 2011. He loves to eat. And eat. And eat some more. He also loves to growl. He growls when he eats, talks and plays. Like his older brother, Manimal also had reflux and was MSPI. Because of my experience with Lil Z, I recognized the signs right away. His babyhood has been much easier than Lil Zs was.

Currently, Manimal is 100% gluten and peanut free (he has never had them, so I have no idea if he is intolerant to either). He eats eggs all the time, but the jury is still out as to whether Manimal can tolerate dairy and soy. He does get soy oil in very small doses, and dairy whenever he steals bites of other people’s food. Like his brother, he tolerates food coloring in small doses.

In his spare time you can find him climbing tables and furniture, and rifling through cupboards looking for snacks. Manimal’s personal motto is: “It tastes better if I stole it off of someone’s plate!”

Lil Z and Mike cut down treeThe Hubs (Mike) is my husband of almost 12 years. He is an involved and loving dad who exemplifies what a father should be. I struck the lottery with this one. He is my biggest supporter in everything I do (except when I spend too much. He’s not a fan of that).  He is the best hubs a girl could ask for.

In his personal time (which isn’t a lot because we work opposite schedules) you can find him working out, watching golf, and reading atlases. When I asked his personal motto, he started quoting “Karate Kid” so he doesn’t get a motto. And that’s that.

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