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Commercial, time-saving foods

Anyone who knows me (and the cooking needs of my son) know that there are not a lot of convenience foods that we can use. But I am happy to say, I have found a few convenience foods Z can tolerate: Jones Sausage, (unsauced) steam-in-the bag frozen rice (my personal favorite is Birds Eye Steamfresh Long Grain White Rice with mixed veggies) and Prego sauce.

Jones sausage has been the go-to meat when we are on the run and I have only MINUTES to prepare dinner. They are nitrate free, MSG free, and gluten free. They are the only breakfast sausage I’ve found that doesn’t bother Z’s tummy. And have I said how delicious they are? They really are amazing. In the KC area where I live, I buy it in the Hy-Vee Health Market frozen food section.

I often make rice in large batches and freeze it in zip lock baggies, but if you are pressed for time or you just don’t want to do that, the unsauced rice in the fozen food section is a real time saver. Also, if you get coupons in your Sunday paper or online, you can often find these for pennies a bag if you pair a coupon with a sale!!!

I did a jig and called anyone who would even remotely care when I found out that Prego makes sauces that are gluten and soy free (please read the labels — I am not sure they are all soy free). Unfortunately, because tomatoes seem to aggravate Z’s yeast diaper rashes, we don’t eat this sauce as often as I would like!

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