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Rice Crunchy Treats

If you have been following my blog, you know that I wondered if my son was intolerant to corn. I recently re-introduced corn into his diet, and he seems to be tolerating it well. This is wonderful, because it opens up so many new opportunities for meals and snacks since corn and corn derivatives are in just about everything (including most brands of marshmallows).

Rice Crunchy Treats are simply a new version of Rice Crispy Treats, and in my opinion, are easier to make than the original version because you don’t have to waste your time melting butter. When I was breast feeding (and before I knew my son had gluten issues) I made these with Rice Crispies, and even though the oil element in this recipe is canola oil, everyone who has eaten them says they cannot tell they are made without butter. Since finding out Little Z is intolerant to gluten, I make them with Rice Chex. I can’t really taste a difference between the original loved standard, except for an almost imperceptible texture difference due to the difference between Rice Crispies and Rice Chex. I have been using the Walmart brand of Marshmallows because it says on the package “naturally gluten free.”


¼ cup canola oil

10½ oz safe marshmallows (about 36 large marshmallows)

7 to 8½ cups Rice Chex Cereal (depending on how gooey you want your treats)


In a large pot, combine oil and marshmallows and turn the heat setting to medium-high. Stir with a wooden spoon continuously until the marshmallows are melted. Add the Rice Chex Cereal and stir until well mixed and thoroughly coated with marshmallow. Place in a greased 11×13 pan and press and smooth out bars with a plastic zipper bag on your hand. Let cool and cut. Makes about 24 bars.

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