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Easter and the Case of the Exploding Diaper

Manimal EasterYesterday was Easter and we had a fun Easter-egg hunt at church and one in our backyard.  It was a great day.

Last night was… not so great. Manimal clearly is still intolerant to dairy and soy, and his waking every two hours last night proved that.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a plan for keeping Manimal away from all the candy with dairy and soy (namely the Tootsie Rolls, which he can open by himself). On top of that, saying, “No, no, that’s an ouchy in your tummy,” doesn’t work on him like it did for Lil Z, the ever-present rule-follower. Unlike his brother, Manimal is a risk-taker, so regardless of what we tell him, he does what he wants when our backs are turned.

By 10 a.m. yesterday, Manimal had already ingested several Tootsie Rolls. by 1 p.m., his pants had erupted onto the living-room floor and his belly was distended (The Hubs thought one of the boys had spit chocolate onto the floor, but to his disgust – it wasn’t chocolate). After that, we were conscientious of making sure Manimal didn’t get any more dairy or soy, but unfortunately his big brother was not so conscientious of where he left his Easter basket, and Manimal took full advantage of Lil Z’s forgetfulness.

Z dumps basketBy bedtime both boys had trouble falling asleep (it was a combo of food coloring, sugar overload, and excitement from a fun day); however, Manimal had even more trouble falling asleep than is normal, I’m sure because his tummy hurt. Unfortunately, he woke five or six times last night to be held as he battled painful gas and acid burps (it was a blur, so I am foggy on the exact number of times he awoke).

The lesson learned: have a better plan for situations like this. Immediately remove offending foods from sight and and/or reach and hide them. Feed them to older children in secret. This is the tactic that we do at our house with Cheetos – Lil Z can eat them during Manimal’s nap time when Manimal won’t feel left out or upset that he isn’t able to eat them.

I am hoping that Manimal sleeps better tonight, and I am thankful my children don’t have life-threatening reactions to offending foods. We’ve already had a diaper explosion this morning, and I am assuming I will deal with more today. I have also been seeing the bloody-blister diaper rash forming on his bottom, and have been trying to get ahead of it by treating with with lots of ointments… but I will save the topic of diaper-rashes for the next post.

boys with baskets

Lil Z, The Hubs and Manimal act goofy after a rip-roaring Easter Egg Hunt.

Safe Candy – just in time for Easter!

Candy collage

Lil Z’s first Easter was tough. We weren’t sure what he could have, and at that point we were still slowly introducing foods into his diet. The only commercially-made sweets we let him eat that Easter were Peeps and Starburst Jelly Beans.

Below is a list of Top 8 and gluten free candies that we let our boys have. I didn’t include candies with soy oil or soy lecithin, even though for many allergy sufferers they are safe (because they don’t have soy protein in them). I felt like Lil Z and Manimal had trouble with soy oil/lecithin when they were really little, but now it doesn’t seem to be a problem, at least in small doses.Unfortunately, all of these candies are jam packed with food colorings which bother my children (hello tantrums and insomnia!).

Please read and double check ingredients before giving your child any foods. This is not a comprehensive list, it is just a great place to start. I found a wonderful Web site today that had a breakdown of allergy ingredients used in a lot of mainstream candies. It’s worth checking out!

Top 8 and Gluten-Free Candy Options:

    • Peeps (most of them)
    • Smarties products, including candy necklaces
    • Star burst Original Fruit chews
    • Starburst jelly beans, GummiBurst
    • Mike and Ikes
    • Hot Tomales
    • Swedish fish – Red, Assorted and Aqua life
    • Life Savers hard and soft candies
    • Sweet tarts
    • Heide Gummi Bears and several other Hiede products
    • Jolly Ranchers
    • Dum DumsSpangler Candy Co. said the following about Dum Dum Lolli pops: There is a trace amount of soy oil in the lubricant that we use in our cooking kettles. This soy oil has been refined, bleached, and deodorized and all of the proteins have been removed.

Peeps and other sweets

Easter was last week, and we were very nervous about what we would put in Z’s Easter Basket. I can count on one hand how many times Z has had candy (because I have been just too afraid he would get sick from it). When someone from church asked what candy he could have (so they could be prepared for their annual Easter egg hunt) the only candy I knew off the top of my head that was gluten free and probably safe were Peeps. Someone from church was so thoughtful, she specially bought Z his own peeps (several boxes) so that he could enjoy something sweet like the other kids.

Here are some pictures of of Z enjoying a peep for the first time.

We tried out another candy that Z seems to tolerate well: Starburst jelly beans. He loves them.

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