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Convenience Snacks

I found some snacks that Z likes (and his sensitive system can tolerate) in the last few months. They are: Mr. Krispers (Sea Salt and Pepper) Baked Rice Krisps (so good!), Brown Rice Snaps by Edward & Sons (onion garlic and toasted onion), and ENERG Brand Wylde Poppy Seed pretzels. These companies probably make several flavors of foods he could digest, but I haven’t had the guts to try them out on Z!

Z LOVED the Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps until he had Mr. Krispers Sea Salt and Pepper Chips. After that, he wouldn’t eat them until I put them in a Chex Mix recipe I created. I think this is because the texture is similar, but the Rice Snaps are not very salty. In fact, I mixed some of the Mr. Krisper chips and the Rice Snaps in a baggy (hoping Z wouldn’t be able to taste the difference). Well, I was wrong. I found a pile of Brown Rice Snaps on the floor (all bitten into), and all the Mr. Krisper Chips were gone!

Z really likes the ENERG Pretzels, but if you are used to wheat pretzels, you may be disappointed because the flavor is very different. Z doesn’t mind, and likes to snack on this treat. Beware, though. It is really creepy when I find his poo is full of poppy seeds. Yuck!

Because convenience snacks that Z can tolerate are pretty pricey (and sometimes hard to find), I usually just pop him popcorn on the stove top with canola oil. He likes it better anyway.

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