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Cross Contamination and keeping your children in the “World”

For the last several months now, every time I took Little Z somewhere he would have a reaction (I am guessing to gluten, because he is most sensitive to gluten. I know that the people who were taking care of him tried to be careful, but I just don’t think they understood what careful means. For example, at the gym daycare, the girls would hand out snacks to other children, then hand Z his Top 8 free snack I had brought him (but they wouldn’t wash their hands), or worse, I think they wouldn’t watch the children and their snacks and he would end up eating a cheerio. He would often be sick for several days (and needless to say, I wasn’t very good about keeping up my workout routine!)

I was able to easily solve this problem by speaking with a manager and asking that they follow a few safety precautions.

1)Keep the kids in one area when they eat
2)use a hand vacuum to vacuum up crumbs
3)wipe tables/areas with crumbs up promptly
4)wash hands before you handle Little Z’s food.

I was nervous before speaking to the various people who watch Z (I don’t want this to be an issue where his caretakers don’t want to watch him!). But everyone was very accommodating and friendly. They worked so hard to keep Z safe and healthy.

Always remember to be friendly and nice when you ask if they can accommodate your special food-handling requirements. Try not to be upset if they feel they can’t help you. It may be that they are afraid of accidentally hurting your little one, not because they don’t want to!

Another thing I realized after spending time with Z in the church nursery a few weeks ago: he is so sensitive to gluten, that just being around other children who are eating it and then playing with toys can bother him (I was there the whole time – he didn’t eat any gluten!). So a big issue for me is finding the balance between keeping him safe (and thus sheltering him from situations where gluten foods will be) and letting him be a normal kid who goes to birthday parties and church nursery! At this point, I feel like I have to risk that he may be sick for a few hours after being around kids who eat Goldfish crackers so that he can be a normal, socialized little boy!