"Fast Food" on Road Trips -Traveling with a food intolerant/allergic baby

It’s Holiday Time again, which means long road trips (at least for our family) to visit relatives. Every time we travel, I get a feeling of dread and worry: what will I feed Little Z? Where can we stop? Will he have a reaction if I feed him a plain hamburger patty from McDonalds? (which is the last thing you need when you are away from home!).

In the past, we just fed him carby snacks (like chex and apple slices) but those are not very filling, and if it is a really long car ride, that is just not acceptable. I discovered an easy solution to this problem: We always travel with an ice-filled cooler and containers of homemade, allergy-friendly meals. When we stop to get gas, I simply microwave his meals in the gas station’s microwave.

This is also something that doesn’t have to take that much pre-planning since I started making and freezing a lot of the meat ahead of time. It is easy enough to take meal portioned amounts and throw in some frozen veggies and leftover potatoes (or boil a quick batch of GF pasta).

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