What the heck in quinoa!?

I made quinoa flakes (pronounced “keen wah”) for the first time the other day for Z (I wanted to make him GF oatmeal, but I couldn’t find it at the store, and thought this might be a good alternative). According to the the Quinoa Corporation’s Web site (http://www.quinoa.net/106.html), it is an ancient food that was cultivated by the ancient Incas, and was called the “mother grain.” It is a seed that looks like a cross between millet and a mustard seed.

Quinoa flakes prepare more quickly than oatmeal, and when it is cooked, looks a lot like yellow squash ground in a baby food hand grinder (those of you moms who prepared your own baby food will know what I am talking about!). It has a mild flavor, and tastes a little bit like yellow squash and cream of rice with a slightly bitter after taste. It doesn’t sound all that appealing, but when I mixed it with sugar, it isn’t… terrible. Z actually seems to like it.

Photo “Hand in Quinoa” curtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/alosojos/.

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